Meet Me!

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying what you see!

I have been portrait photographer for almost seven years & absolutely love what I do, whether it’s a tiny newborn in the first days of life or a family with rambunctious kids! My passion is to capture your family exactly as they are, whilst we all love a nice “smile at the camera” shot for the wall, what I love most is the tiny toes, cheeky grins, the interactions between siblings & the cuddles with mum & dad! Weddings are also a favourite & lots of fun. I look forward to documenting the stories of my couples as they prepare & celebrate on the biggest day of their lives.

I have a husband & two kids of my own aged 6 & 4, they are the loves of my life & the bane of my existence all rolled into one! Full of life, not a minutes peace happens when either of them are around! They love being close to mum & dad! We spend our time crafting with glue, glitter & paints, outside jumping on the trampoline and riding our bikes & scooters!

Before kids, I enjoyed reading & heading to the movies! Both rarities these days, the movies now tend to be of the G rated type & I couldn’t say when or what the last book was that I read!

Whether you are here to find someone to capture your big day, your tiny new little person or your expanding family I’m sure you will enjoy what you see. I’d love to capture some of the most treasured moments in your life!

When you’ve finished taking a look around head over to the Contact page, I’d love to hear from you!


F a c e b o o k